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Safe learning environment

For the students and teachers

We at SANO-D will take the necessary steps to ensure a safe learning experience for teachers and kids.

This starts off with simple personal hygiene and our duty is to get that in place with our disinfectants. 

Have trust in us and we will ensure your kids will come in and out of school cleaner than before. 

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Back to school for all

A conducive learning space

It's back to school for all, students and teachers must constantly practice good hygiene in the classroom and school.

We must maintain high standards of disinfection in all areas from the classroom to the sports hall. 

A Girl in a Classroom
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Home to school

When going to school we are vulnerable to all sorts of germs and viruses. 

It is vital we ensure that the spread of viruses remains at a low, we can all do our part by constantly disinfecting our hands as well as classroom equipment used during school hours.

This will provide reassurance for educators as well as for parents and kids. 

Walking to the Bus
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