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Health and fitness

Reassurance in game

Keep pushing, get back on your feet with us. We are here to help maintain your fitness and to allow you to keep on playing the sports you love.

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Positive vibes only.

Customer satisfaction rate depends on the maintenance of equipment and cleanliness of their surroundings.

Strict hygiene measures should be observed at all times to keep high standards in the workout facility.

With proper sanitisation all around, members will have a more positive and happy mindset when working out.

As members, it is vital we uphold such high standards to protect ourselves from exposure to germs viruses.

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Press on!

Push yourself and perform better in the sports you love. SANO-D disinfectants will protect you from exposure to germs and viruses.

Don’t be afraid to keep ongoing. Let us take care of your safety while you focus on your health and fitness.

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Ensuring constant sanitisation in sports facilities

Germs and viruses can be spread easily through gyms and sports equipment. It is vital we ensure that such equipment is constantly sanitised before and after use.

Viruses can also be contracted through the close contact and heavy breathing of athletes. 

Sports facilities must reduce the risk of virus transmission through the constant disinfection of equipment and ensure users' hands are properly sanitised.

Health and fitness: About
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