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D’Shield is a hybrid coating for surface protection and long term antimicrobial properties. Friendly formulation of “quaternary ammonium compounds; QAC”


D’Shield all surface antimicrobial coating is a ready to use, single component, molecular coating that forms a long lasting, durable, hygienic barrier on various surfaces.


The treated surface becomes resistant to virus, bacteria, mould, mildew, dirt and stain resistant and allows easy cleaning & the removal of contaminants from the coated surface.


Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial

Virucide, Bactericide, Fungicide 

  • QAC are positively charged & will neutralized the negatively charged virus

  • The antimicrobial action is non-chemical but physical.

  • Thus, providing very long-term effectiveness. Continuous protection after coating (up to 90 Days)

  • Effective against Viruses- Coronavirus, Influenza, Rotavirus, Poliovirus, etc.

  • Effective against Bacteria, Mould , Mildew, Biofilms, Algae

Hand Sanitizer
Sanitizing Elevator

Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial

D’Shield Long Term Antimicrobial Coating is Effective to Kill 100% Harmful Bacteria & Pathogens Even after 30 Wash Cycles on Porous Surfaces.

When applied, D'Shield makes surfaces stain free, easy to clean and disinfect. In addition, the coating provides surface protection to extend the life of the material. 

Typical Surfaces

  • Typical Surfaces

  • Metals & Steel

  • Wood

  • Glass

  • Plastic & Vinyl

  • Natural Fiber Textiles

  • Rubber

  • Synthetic Textiles

  • Stone & Granite

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